iRig HD 2 Video Review from Eli Krantzberg


Check out the first review video and review of iRig HD 2 from Eli Krantzberg. Eli shows what you get in the box, explains what all of the iRig HD 2 does before he puts it to work on his system using the IK Multimedia AmpliTube 4 plugin. He also shows how to use the iRig HD 2 with an iPad, guitar amp and into his DAW by mic'ing the guitar cab.

"The iRig HD 2, I think it's a fantastic new upgrade from IK Multimedia. You have an audio interface and a tool to use live for not only stomp boxes, but to go straight into the mixing board. You can't go wrong with the iRig HD 2!"

Watch the video from of iRig HD 2 with Eli Krantzberg.

Learn more about recording guitar and bass with iRig HD 2 on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC.

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iRig HD 2