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Welcome to ”Rockholm” and two days of melodic rock on feb 19-20!


Welcome to ”Rockholm” and two days of melodic rock in the capital of Scandinavia on feb 19-20!

On Friday the 19th TOTO plays in Stockholm and we invite you all to the greatest after party ever with three great bands on stage.
On Saturday the 20th the party continues with seven amazing bands!
This will be THE melodic rock party not to be missed!!!

After producing open air festivals with bands like Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, Danger Danger, Chickenfoot, Status Quo, The Hooters, W.A.S.P. and Europe, just to name a few, it´s now finally time to put on a pure indoor AOR festival with the music that is closest to my heart. Together with an experienced team of people we will make the highest effort to create the ultimate rock party!

Sweden is widely regarded as a ”mecca” of melodic rock with many of the best new bands around hailing from our beautiful country. And if you look back to the 80s and 90s a lot of the great bands were Swedish.

So finally - It´s time to start a new chapter in the history of Swedish melodic rock. we proudly present, Rockweekend AOR!


All 10 bands will be announced soon.



Friday 19 february

22.00 - 03.00

3 bands

(The first band will start to play 30 min after TOTO ends.

Saturday 20 february

16.00 - 03.00

7 bands



En Arena Globen.

Palmfeltsvägen 1, Stockholm (T-bana Globen)

Capacity 600 (550 general admission and 50 VIP tickets).

The venue is being rebuilt in january to provide a bigger stage with higher clearance, video screens and a VIP balcony next to the stage.


Tickets will go on sale when the lineup is revealed.

International buyers are welcome (Mastercard/VISA).

Print at home tickets are available and will be scanned at the door.

More info:

RWAOR is a over 18 event.

Food, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks will be available at the venue.

(If you are also going to the TOTO gig it´s only a 15 min walk from RWAOR.)

For the love of music,

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Ny festival i Stockholm - Rockweekend AOR