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Drum n voice drum cover
A cover of Drum n voice by Benny Greb Just a few notes: All of this was rehearsed and recorded in one day and I didn't spend much time with synching and editing since I'm terrible with both adobe premiere and cubase. Personally I know I could've done a better job musically but the sound/video/editing would still be quite boring so I decided not to put my soul into it. Therefore I am uploading my tab of the song so that others can do it better :) Look in the bottom of this description. I had to transpose the music to be able to sing it but I can't say I succeeded (you'll know what I if you heard the "solo"). I can't believe how Benny is able to take the high pitches and the lowest pitches. It was really hard, especially since I never sing. I hope this provided some entertainging value of some kind! Tab: My band:
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Drum n voice drum cover