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Imogen heap - Earth (Drum and vocal cover)
I'm not much of a singer but I do love doing something creative so I decided to tab out the song Earth by Imogen heap and do a full cover. It's a great song for drummers since it's groovy yet there's no drums, so you're basicly free to do what the hell you want.

As for editing, I decided to record each figure and then copy/paste them on the right place, so same goes for the videos (If you wonder why some videos restart etc). I kept it clean from effects since my computer couldn't export the vid properly, so after about three days I finally got it out and this was the final product. Many things can be done better, but due to the export problem it would've taken forever, so I leave that up to you to fill in my blanks ;)

The tab can be downloaded through a link below. I Hope you enjoy the vid and if you like it, please visit my band and Globalmusix for more fun stuff :)

Earth by Imogen heap.
I DO NOT own the rights to this song.
It is the copyrighted property of its owner(s).

Waiting for the tab to be uploaded. Search for the song at and you'll find it when it's up
23.04.2013 (2160 dagar sedan)
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Imogen heap - Earth (Drum and vocal cover)