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Vogon Poetry - Time Machine
Taken from the new EP "The third worst poetry in the Universe"Spotify: and compelling Vogon Poetry takes you into a landscape of moody melodies and gloomy lyrics. Be prepared for a journey back to the 80's with a twist of modern soundscapes.Stationed in Gothenburg Vogon Poetry spreads the message of dark future, time travel and the desperate struggle for fame. All present on the EP "The third worst poetry in the Universe".Recorded by Vogon Poetry at Bloodstone Studios 2012-10-13.Vogon Poetry on Facebook: & Lyrics - Roger TellVocals - John AnderssonMembers of Vogon Poetry:Roger Tell - Music & LyricsDaniel Önnerby - Music & LyricsJohn Andersson - VocalsThanks goes to Dennis and Helena Nybratt for letting us infest Bloodstone Studios with electronic music :)
10.01.2014 (1895 dagar sedan)
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Vogon Poetry - Time Machine